Our local products ans specialities

Many local products are to be discovered, a traditional cook and exceptionnal specialities!

On this page, you can see the great part of our gastronomy and cakes that you will taste :

The 'Gratin Dauphinois'

The recipe of the famous 'Gratin Dauphinois' :

- Mash 2 cloves of garlic within 1 liter of milk and warm up th whole.
- Peel from 8 to 10 patatoes, wash them before slicing them in regular thin slices.
- Mix milk and patatoes until it gets thicker.
- Add a little bit of nutmeg, some salt dans pepper.
- Put everything in a cheese dish and spread the fresh cream over it.
- Stick the whole during 1 hour at middle temperature.

The 'Bouffette de Mens'

Created by Hiacinthe Auguste Baup (1829-1899), confectionner in MENS, the Bouffette is known since 1870 and is mentioned in the menu of the 2nd of june 1889 of the hotel Larmet in MENS during the dinner for the veterans of the war 1780-1781. The legend said that a beggar gave the recipe... It is Louis Bernard confectionner in Mens that owned the brand in 1926. The model has been registered by Josette and Gilbert Perrier.

The 'Ravioles from Trièves'

Speciality composed of patatoes, bacon and onion, the whole is coated with a pasta like a big ravioli.
Tasted with Gruyère (Swiss Cheese) grated, it is recommanded to eat the ravioles during winter.